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Maths Ambassadors

Helping to develop Maths skills

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Year 6 Maths Ambassadors have been chosen this week. They will be using their maths knowledge to help develop the skills of year 3 children by peer teaching on a Monday afternoon. Additionally, we have also been able to choose times tables ambassadors who will be promoting and teaching table facts in year 3. Below are some indications of their job roles;


  • Teach times tables using counting stick and questioning (doubling/ halving, how can you find 8 more)
  • Develop mental calculation skills
  • Give out times table stickers
  • Lead table trooper songs
  • Peer teach number objectives from year 3 curriculum using concrete resources and images
  • Help develop the use of bar models to solve problems
  • Record in maths ambassador book what they have done in each session
  • Use my mini maths as an aid and maths frame websites
  • Record teaching videos

Maths ambassadors 18th Feb

Year 6 maths ambassadors continued their brilliant work with year 3 this afternoon. Their ficus was teaching then tenths arise by dividing by 10. The used number lines, place value charts and bead strings.



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