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Lockerbie Manor

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More Zip Wires

We're very proud of everyone today at the zips wires. Even though a few of us were a little nervous, with a bit of encouragement and team spirit, everyone gave it a try! Gooooooo team! 🙂





Canoeing and Kayaking

Good morning everyone! We're up and have had a hearty Scottish breakfast ready for our sessions on the lake today. Here we are enjoying kayaking and canoeing. So far, we're still quite dry, but there's still time to push Mr Whittaker in! 😉



Lockerbie Manor

We have a winner for the tidiest bed already! Lee Molyneux you must be a dream to live with! Look at this bed with all of his clothes neatly folded and ready!

Then after all the fun of archery and rifle shooting, we'd all worked up and appetite-some more than others! 😉

I'm sure you're supposed to eat the packet of crisps one crisp at a time, not all in one go! Haha!



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