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We have had a number of children return to school with headlice this week.  Please check your child’s head tonight and if headlice or eggs are found please treat accordingly.

Our school policy is NOT to send letters home to everyone should headlice be seen in a child’s head.  Letters sent home were having no impact as they were becoming more frequent and it was not cost effective. Our policy is if headlice is spotted in a child’s hair during the day their parent is informed directly so they can treat.  We have found this to be more effective as the child can be treated more quickly.

As it only takes one egg to be missed when treating your child and the whole cycle of headlice starts again as it hatches, so it is very important to continue to comb through your child’s hair for approximately 3 weeks. It is not enough to just use a spray or lotion.

Please see below for advice from NHS INFORM.