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The Challenge has been set.  Are you an Extreme Reader?

Books don’t need electricity!  We can read them anywhere and everywhere!

We are inviting you ALL (including parents and teachers!) to take the Thatto Heath Extreme Reading Challenge.

Think about different, exciting, fun and SAFE places you can enjoy a book.

Children – tell your parent/carer your idea and ask them if they could take a photograph of you reading your book in your ‘extreme’ place.  Your parents can submit these photographs by using TWITTER and adding @MrsJ_Thatto to the photo or alternatively email along with an explanation of what you are doing in the photograph.

Have Fun Extreme Reading!!

If you accept this challenge children and families could win a £20 voucher for submitting their extreme reading picture. 

Winners will be selected at the end of half term i.e. Friday 5th April.  So start sending your pictures in now!