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All payments must be sent in to school in an envelope with your child’s name and class on.  Payment should be in separate envelopes as different members of staff are responsible for collecting money and can be banked differently.

Lunch money is £11.75 a week  i.e. £2.35/day

Snack money is £1 a week or you can pay for a half term or full term.  Half term is £6.60 or full term £14.00

Breakfast club annual fee remains at £5. Children can start any time but please ensure you have completed a registration form, if your child has not attended previously and enclose the £5.

After school child care club remains at  £5 per session or £3 if your child is attending an extra curricular club first.  Children must be registered and a booking form completed to start when we return to school on Wednesday 5th September