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Unfortunately, due to the weather forecast today the Years 3 and 4 Christingle will now have to take place in the KS2 hall at 2:30p.m.  As there are 2 year groups involved and very limited space, we can only allow 2 people per child and it will be standing room only.

I appreciate this may be very disappointing for you but as the diary is full with other commitments/performances and the children have already made their Christingle oranges the Christingle will need to go ahead today.

Access will be via the playground, please queue at the ramp at the back of the KS2 hall from 2:25pm

Please do not ask staff to open other entrances as they are not allowed to do so and refusal may offend.

Once the Christingle has finished could you please make your way as quickly as possible to the playground as the hall will need to be set up for the gymnastic club showcase/awards for parents.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.