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Star of the Week W/E 9th February 2018

School News

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Star of the Week!
We are celebrating their fantastic work which will be displayed in school.

Reception RSJ Logan Fairclough
Year 1 1AF Tianna Pennington Forshaw
Year 2 2JT Mya Cowley
Year 3 3FLB Lucas Molyneux
Year 4 4VM Awaiting name
Year 5 5NJ Awaiting name
Year 6 6SP Barbara Laszlo 

Well done to the following children who have been awarded a certificate this week:

Dominic Parry, Abbie Duberry, McKenzie Fitzhenry, Eve Gannon, Mollie Doyle, Callum Taylor, Oliver Godding, Jack Porter, Barbara Laszlo, Shannon Flannery, Jayden Treston, Izabelle Birch, Walter Rusu, Kosy Mwanya, Logan Roby, Preslava Dimitrova, Joshua Hughes, Joseph Lee, Sashmika Varathes, Ryan, Rhea Smith, Alfie Hards, Jackson Storey, Layla Judge, Lucas Duckworth, Eleanor Shaw, Jaiden Clough-Spurgeon, Dylan Williams.

Always Child Winners Spring Term 1 2018

School News

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as their class Always Child for Spring Term 1.
They have all received an invitation to the Party this week. Congratulations!

Pre-school: Nathaniel Anthony, Charlie Garnett, Violet Parry, Tabitha Kelly
Reception: Mia Collins, Mason Woods, Dominic Cowley, Erin Lemon, Joshua Barlow, Matilda Doyle
Year 1: Eva Parry, George Tunstall, Sithath Solis, Mia Woods, Devon King, Faye Mawdsley
Year 2: Tyler Preston, Mia Smith, Caitlyn Spark, Alfie Slevin, Rhea Smith, Emaiya Koneswaran
Year 3: Olivia Hughes, Olivia Brennan, Lucy Dixon, Emily Rigby, Etty Dooley, Dylan Lowry
Year 4: Daisy Scott, Sachin Solis, Ryan Beckett, Tilly Scott, Hannah Robinson, Isabelle Geraghty
Year 5: Hayley Molyneux, Brooke Walker, Caitlyn Allcock, Emily Stanley, Mia Pinder, Emily Littler
Year 6: Lewis Pilling, Grace-Ann Cartwright, Chelsea Gannon, Lucy Birchall, Katie Arnold, Barbara Lazslo
Nurture: Adam Spencer, Oliver Godding
Most improved behaviour: Archie Metcalf


School News

We will be sending more information home after half term regarding book week.  The theme for book week is Hansel and Gretel and on World Book Day i.e. Thursday 1st March, children can come to school as a character from this book or if you prefer any book character they choose.  If your child already has a costume, for example, a pirate or mermaid costume which they brought in for the year 3 performance these could be worn again.

Please do not go to any expense and purchase a costume, I am sure there will be something in your child’s wardrobe, for example,  a dress and bow for Matilda, school pants tucked into socks with a bit of straw for the straw man in wizard of oz. A cloak or old sheet for a witch or a wizard.