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We appreciate due to additional roadworks and traffic lights being used in the area, that at peak times traffic can be even busier than usual and consequently is adding pressure on parents when dropping /collecting children from school and then getting to work/appointments on time.  This is resulting in tempers flaring, and total inconsideration to other drivers, pedestrians and the local neighbours.  Several arguments have ensued just this week and this can be very upsetting for young children to witness.

To risk an accident for the sake of a couple of minutes is not a risk worth taking, please be considerate to others around


Bookings can now be made on-line for the Summer Term.  Please note as per the agreement you signed when you registered your child, 48 hours notice must be given to cancel your child’s place at the club, or you will incur charges.  Payment for the session must be paid in advance.  Unfortunately future bookings can not be taken if you have an outstanding balance on your child’s account.


 If your child applied for an extra curricular club next term he/she will have taken home a letter today confirming if they have been successful in gaining a place.  The clubs do not start the first week after Easter but start week commencing 29th April 2019

Year 5 Swimming

Year 5 will be going swimming next term.  A letter has gone home today with your child, please check the details to confirm which day your child be attending as swimming lessons are over 2 days.



If your child is in Reception to Year 6,as you are aware from previous letters snack will no long be available to purchase in school.  If you wish for your child to have snack each morning they must bring their own snack with them.  As we are a healthy school we encourage children to bring in: fruit or vegetables (grapes must be cut in quarters to avoid choking), toast/bagel/crumpet/croissant/plain brioche bun, Soreen malt loaf,  or  fromage frais/yoghurt (preferably in a tube for easy eating)

If your child is in the 2 year old Nursery or 3 year old Preschool, as part of EYFS snack will continue to be provided but at a cost of: £1 per week for children attending 15 hours or £1.50 per week for children attending 30 hours.  Alternatively parents can send in a healthy snack each day.    A letter has gone home this week with further details and a slip to confirm your preference.  Please return ASAP to avoid food wastage. Thank you




The LAST PAPER COPY of the newsletter will sent home today i.e. Friday 5th May.  This will save money for the school and help the planet by not printing 670 copies each week.  The newsletter will still be accessible via our school website, APP and Facebook.   If you do not have access to any of these, there will be a few paper copies available from the front entrance. 

Any future letters sent home with children, for example regarding: extra curricular clubs, tournaments, school visits, PTFA events etc. will only be given out once.  If you have mislaid your copy these can also be accessed via the school website, APP and Facebook.  Unfortunately, the school budget is no longer able to sustain the cost of the amount of paper and printing which currently takes place in school.

To avoid letters being mislaid please check with your child every night if they have been given any letters to bring home.  Younger children will have their letters in their book bags

A notification will be sent to parents on the day a letter is sent home with your child.