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I am sure you will join us in sending our best wishes to all the staff and members of their family who will be taking part in the walk up Snowdon on Saturday, to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust.  Good luck to you all, look after each other and come back safe and sound.


As per the diary we will be holding an Autumn workshop on Thursday 24th October for reception parents.   The topic for the workshop is insects and plants.  As we have 90 children in reception, you can appreciate there is very limited space for parents. We are asking that only 1 parent attends and for health and safety reasons you do not bring younger siblings with you.  This time is a special quality time for just you to spend with your child.  There will be further workshops throughout the year

Please enter via the front entrance and a member of staff will escort you to your child’s class. Please note doors will close at 2:10p.m. Once the session begins doors will be closed and access will only be at the end of the session.  Please be mindful of this if you had intended to leave early.    At the end of the session parents can collect their child’s outdoor wear and leave via their child’s classroom door.  Siblings must be collected as normal from the playground at the end of the day.

 If you are unable to attend please be assured your child will still take part in the activities and workshop.  We appreciate that some parents will have work commitments and we would not expect you to take time off for these activities


If you have only signed up your child to attend breakfast club for autumn 1 and paid £15 and you would like your child to continue using the facility next term, the next payment of £15 to use the club from 4th November until 20th December is now due.  You can make payment via the school office or directly to the Breakfast club.

PRICE REMINDER – HALF TERMLY COSTS £15, A FULL TERM COSTS £25 or you can pay to use the club for the rest of the year at a discounted price of £65.    If your child is entitled to Pupil premium it is £5 for  the year regardless of when your child starts to use the club.  If you need the club in an emergency the cost is £3.  All payments must be made in advance.  Bookings can be made via the EDULINK APP or at the Breakfast club.  Once your child is signed up for the half term/term etc you no longer need to indicate which days your child will be attending.


If your child is currently attending an extra curricular club this term, next week will be their last session and you will need to reapply in order for your child to continue.  This does not apply to choir which continues through to Christmas

Please hurry if you would like to apply for next term as there are only a few places left on KS1 Football, Ks2 Football, Craft club Y2 & 3 and Book Club Y2 & Y3. Unfortunately, Rec & y1 craft club, sewing and dance are already full.


There are still a few places available on the Sports Camp in the October holiday.  If you would like to book a place please access the booking form on EDULINK  via the LINKS & FORMS button.  It is £7 for 1 day £14 for 2 days or a discounted price of £18 for all 3 days.  Please make payment by Monday 21st October. Thank you