Always Child and Golden Book Summer Term 2017

Well done to the following children who have been chosen as Always Child for Summer Term.

Preschool:  Cody Barton, Olivia Hitchmough, Oliver Burgess, Darcie Jones
Reception: Riley Strange, Sashmika Varathes, Mia Woods, Tyler Lee, Ruby-Lynn Seekings, Kaya Arda
Year 1: Charlie Cookson-Cliffe, Skairah Renshall, Jaiden Clough Spurgeon,
Dylan Williams, Sophia Sanderson Greenwood, Reece Heston-Roberts
Year 2: Mark Chatten, Isaac Porter, Holly MacMillan, Courtney Scott, Zoe Fabian, Ria Robertshaw
Year 3: Southern Burrows, Matthew Robinson, Mia Hurst, Samuel Chu, Callum Holmes, Carla Toole
Year 4: Adam Dooley, Ruby Southcote, Grace Gore, Chloe Quixley, Sophie Hughes, Emily Littler
Year 5: Dylan Ashton, Paige Greenall, Kieron Brookfield, Grace McMahon, Libby Ellison, Sam Hitchmough. 

Well done to the following children who have been mentioned in the Golden Book this half term. Children will recieve a prize!

Ellie Holmes, Reece Davies, Brandyn Hilton, Emily McEvoy, Mackenzie Taylor Bryant, Ruby Brown, Mathimalar Delson, Emily Littler, Georgia Pearce-Chamberlain, Billy Hudson, Skye Jones, Poppy Scott, Hannah Robinson, Lewis Parr,  Alphie Parr, Samuel Chu, George Riley, Alex Price, Oliver Godding, Eva Parry, Antione Price, Amelia Witter, Blake Smith, Clarke Doyle, Isabelle Geraghty.




Magic Breakfast

In order for your child to attend the Magic Breakfast club next year, parents must have completed a new registration form and sent in a £5 registration fee.   You can register your child by completing a form at the school office or alternatively downloading the form below.

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