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Colour mixing


We learned about the 3 primary colours: red, yellow and blue.

Then we mixed them to make 3 new secondary colours:

Orange, green and purple.

Then we painted our own winter pictures, musing blue and white paint to create different shades.


We’re going on a shape hunt…


We hunted around school to see what shapes we could find…


We found some 2D and 3D shapes…

Then we made our own structures with 2D shapes. Do you like our rocket ship, with its own fuel tanks to help it take off?


Freezing and Melting!


Today in RSJ, we have been learning all about freezing and melting. We created some coloured and some clear ice cubes and then explored what happened to them when we took them out of the freezer.


We talked about why the water had turned into ice and what would happen to it once it came out of the freezer into our nice warm classroom. The children had some great ideas and we soon discovered that it would melt!

The children explored the melting ice and somebody suggested to see what would happen if we poured warm water on to the ice cubes. We had a race to see which would melt faster, the ice cubes with warm water poured onto them or the ice cubes with cold water poured onto them. The children predicted the ones with warm water on them would be gone sooner and they were right!

Well done children! Perhaps you could explore some more melting and freezing at home?