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One more and one less in RRB


This week, we have been learning about one more and one less in maths.

We have enjoyed learning different ways to help us remember one more and one less.


We like maths in RRB. I wonder what we will learn next week.


Exploring Shapes in RRB


We have had a lot of fun this week finding out the names of 3D shapes.

We have learned about cones, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and pyramids.


We have made some amazing models, all kinds of creations from castles and towers to a house with a pathway leading up to it. Do look for 3D shapes in your cupboards at home and when you are out and about. I am sure you will spot lots of cubes, cuboids and spheres.


RRB visit Father Christmas


What a magical time we had when we went to visit Father Christmas.

We met Father Christmas and his very helpful Elf.

Everyone had a chat to Father Christmas and told him what they would like for Christmas. We all promised to leave Father Christmas a mince pie or a cookie and a carrot for Rudolph of course.


The Grotto was beautiful.


Well done children, you behaved so well when we went on our trip and I was very proud of you all.

I am sure you will all be on the good list.


Reading in RRB


We enjoy reading in RRB.

The children have been bringing in some of their books from home to share at storytime.

The more times you read your reading book at home, the more book tokens we can gain for our class.


We are getting much better at recognising letters and sounds and we are beginning to read words and simple sentences independently.

If you have any story books at home about Christmas or celebrating Christmas, then do please bring them into school and we can share them at storytime. We enjoy sharing books with our friends and talking about the characters and what happens next.


Exploring Light and Dark in RRB



This week, we have been exploring different sources of light. We talked about all different sorts of light, from natural light to man made light sources, such as torches, lamps, head torches and traffic lights.


We enjoyed exploring colour and light by shining the torches through different coloured cellophane and observing how the light changed.

Why don't you see how many different sources of light you can find at home and count how many you can find.


Exploring Pattern in RRB


This week in Maths, we are exploring repeated pattern. The children have been busy creating some patterns of their own using the unifix cubes.

We have been exploring pattern using colour and shape.


Perhaps you can make some patterns at home using different shapes and colours. You could take a photo of the pattern you have made and bring it into school for your file.