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The last few days we have been doing lots of Science in RES.

Firstly we planted sunflower seeds. Mrs McDonald helped us put soil into the pots and then plant the seeds and give them some water. They have just started to grow. I wonder who will grow the tallest flower?


Also we were given an amazing t-shirt by Miss Powell that could show you what was inside your body and how it works. We then drew around Mia and labelled all the body parts we could think of. Wow Reception! You know so much!



Book Week


This week we have been learning all about the story of Hansel and Gretel. We listened to the story, talked about the setting and the characters, made gingerbread houses and dressed up for World Book Day. Miss Hamlin from Year 4 came to read us a story and we also made Stickman. Mr Monkman's class also came to read some stories to us. We have had lots of fun, learned lots about the story and read lots of books!



Chinese New Year


This week we have been thinking about Chinese New Year. We have learnt that it is the year of the dog this year. We also learnt that people clean their houses before New Year, eat lots of Chinese food, give each other red envelopes with money in and set off fireworks.


We have made lots of interesting things this week including Chinese dragons and lanterns.


Today we got to wear our own red, yellow or Chinese clothes and we got to try some Chinese food…spring rolls, prawn crackers and noodles. Most of us enjoyed it. Yum!




This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have looked at spheres, cylinders, cubes, cuboids and cones. We used the shapes to make our own constructions and found lots of shapes around school when we went on a shape walk.


Our visit to see Santa


Today was very exciting! We went to see Santa. We even met one of his elves!

We had a lovely time. We got to meet Santa and tell him what present we would like for Christmas. We also got to go on a bouncy castle which was lots of fun. Then we had a drink of juice and some biscuits and Santa came to eat them with us. We had such a lovely time and everyone was really well behaved which means we are all on Santa's good list. Hopefully Santa will now bring us our presents on Christmas Day.