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Global Learning


In our geography topic this term we have been looking at the water cycle and rivers. Today, we looked at the average water usage in different countries including: USA, Italy, UK and Mozambique. We discussed why water is so important and the amount needed for an acceptable quality of life.

We were really surprised by the differences between countries.



Water Resistance


Today we were testing which boat had the least amount of water resistance.


We tested 3 different shapes and timed to see which was fastest.

The triangular shaped boat was the fastest because it was the most streamlined therefore it had the least amount of water resistance.

BBC Terrific Scientific Investigation


Today we carried out the investigation launched by BBC Terrific Scientific which linked to our topic on evolution.

We started by comparing our hands and feet with our partners and discussed how they vary.


We had to take a range of measurements of our feet and convert them to mm. The real maths work then took place to work out the AHI (arch height index) of our foot when standing and sitting and then used this to calculate the foot flexibility.



Analysing data in Geography


We looked at temperature and rainfall data today as part of our Climate topic. We talked about what it would be like to live in a tropical and arid climate zone also.


Climate and weather


Year 6 continued their weather and climate topic in geography this afternoon, using their maths skills to look at bar charts and line graphs