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Book week in 2CB


We've taken part in lots of activities in book week.

We researched a topic of our choice in the library.

We were visited by Belle and Ben Ten who brought us a new book for our class library.






We can co-operate!


We read a story about the king's two selfish brothers – they were very unhappy – until they learned to co-operate!

We did a task in which we could only succeed if we worked as a team and co-operated – which we did!

Ask us what the 'rules' of co-operation are.



2CB Spanish Day


What a fantastic day we had today learning all about Spain!

We watched Flamenco dancing and tried Salsa dancing.

We tried Spanish foods and learned all about the Pamplona festival.

Miss Jones came and taught us some Spanish. Ask us to count to 10!


Healthy snack


Today we designed and made a healthy snack for the Highway Rat.

We tried different fruits to decide which ones we liked best.

Then we chopped our fruit and made our fruit salads.


Delicious and healthy! Yum!

Arctic writing


Today we wrote reports about the Arctic using all the facts we have learned in our Geography lessons.

Take a look at Katie's and Jackson's writing. They knew lots of information.