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End of year picnic

We have had an end of year picnic in nursery today. We have had a very busy year learning lots of new things together.We wish all our children moving up tp pre school good luck & look forward to seeing the returning children in September.
Wishing everyone a happy holiday from all the staff in nursery.



Pizza Making.

Today in nursery we have talked about what we like to eat on a pizza.Not everybody liked the same things. We then chose what toppings we would like when we made our own.We used ham,cheese & tomatoes.
we are looking forward to eating them.



Pirates Ahoy!

This week in nursery we are having lots of Pirate fun.We have made our own Pirate ship.We are learning some Pirate songs making hats & having lots of Pirate stories.Any Pirates that don’t listen will be made to walk the plank !