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Global Learning

In our geography topic this term we have been looking at the water cycle and rivers. Today, we looked at the average water usage in different countries including: USA, Italy, UK and Mozambique. We discussed why water is so important and the amount needed for an acceptable quality of life.

We were really surprised by the differences between countries.



LFC Football Tournament

We all had a fantastic time this morning at Anfield Community Centre. We played against some excellent schools from across Merseyside.

Everyone demonstrated excellent behaviour and sportsmanship in every match they participated in. You should be so proud of yourselves.

In assembly time on Friday, we will share our experience with the rest of KS2.


Year Five visit to Sutton Academy

Today, year five had the opportunity to visit Sutton Academy. We got to participate in a PE lesson.

Afterwards, while half of the year participated in Art or DT, the other half had a tour of the school from ex pupils. We had a fantastic time and can't wait to visit again.


Weaving in 5NJ

We have all really enjoyed our weaving topic in DT. We researched Anglo Saxon weaving techniques and patterns before designing and creating our own.


Water Resistance

As part of our work on forces we carried out an experiment to understand more about how water resistance reacts to different shaped objects.