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Parliamentary debate.

Today we learned all about the Palace of Westminster, and the job of MPs in the Houses of Parliament and the Lords in the House of Lords.

We debated whether children should wear school uniforms – and voted no.


We also debated whether prisoners should have personal phone in prison, and voted 'aye'.


Maths Day!

We loved maths day! We played maths games linked to telling the time, times tables and measures. We also really enjoyed our maths circus in the hall which was led by year 6 children.


Tudor Assembly

Well done on a superb assembly year 4! You showed how much you enjoyed learning about the Tudors through song, dance, art, English and DT.



Mastery Maths-Capacity

We used cubes to help us figure out a capacity problem. Using the equipment helped us to visualise how we would move the water around to solve the problem.


Food chains

We learnt all about food chains and constructed our own.

Ask us what these words mean: predator, consumer, primary consumer, prey, producer, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, secondary consumer.


What does a food chain ALWAYS start with?..