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Christmas Desserts in 4JH


This week we have produced our own Christmas desserts as part of our DT topic on Christmas food. First we investigated different Christmas food around the world and looked for similarities in flavouring and style. Then we tasted a range of festive foods and flavours to see which ones we liked and which textures went well together. We then designed our festive dessert and wrote instructions for how to make it. Finally we made them and really enjoyed eating our finished product. We worked with a friend to evaluate our Christmas desserts and think about how we could make them even better next time.



Rainforest Layers


In 4JH we have loved learning about the layers of the rainforest in our geography topic. We created actions to help us remember facts about each layer. Then we went on a Google Expedition to explore the rainforest ourselves which was amazing! We were able to identify the different layers and describe what we saw. We then produced a non-chronological report about the layers of the rainforest.




Minibeast hunt


We looked in the school garden to find as many invertebrates as we could.

Then we used classification diagrams to identify them.

Ask us what these words mean: antennae, abdomen, prolegs, proboscis, mandible, segments, hindwing.


Smoking: Year 4 PSHE


Today year 4 had a special visit from the St Helens Smoke-Free Team who came to talk to us about smoking. We learned about why smoking is not good for our health and how it affects different parts of our bodies. We also learned about what makes some people begin smoking in the first place and how as we get older we can make good choices for our health. Thank you for a very informative visit!




Locating Rainforests


Today we have been using atlases to locate rainforests around the world. We noticed how many of them are around the equator and we discussed why that is. Well done everyone! Excellent geography work!