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Muslim prayer mats

We talked about how and why Muslims pray. We found out lots of interesting facts. Ask us what we know!

Here are some prayer mats we designed. There are 2 things which will never be on a prayer mat – do you know what they are?


2CB maths

Today we practised adding two 2 digit numbers using tens and ones apparatus to help us.



2CB Legotastic!

Just look what we get up to during a wet lunchtime in 2CB.

Wow what an amazing model aeroplane!

A budding engineer!


Researching Habitats

This week we used the iPads to research habitats found anywhere around the world. We reasearched places such as farms, jungles and the arctic.





Jesus is the light of the world

We talked about what Jesus meant when he said he was the light if the world. We thought he meant his teachings of kindness should be spread around the world.

We tried an activity where one of us was in darkness and our partner was the 'light' who helped us to do the right thing – we were able to complete jigsaws of our own class just by following instructions!