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Singing in 1LW

Today was our singing celebration.

The class sang “Engine Engine” using our thinking voices.

This afternoon we studied and learnt the names of some percussion instruments.




Algorithms in ICT

During computer science this week we have been learning about algorithms. If you see any member of 1LW ask them what an algorithm is and I'm sure they could tell you.

Great team world everyone!


1LW World Cup Tornament

We had so much fun doing a World Cup tournament with coach Adam today.

Look at which team we have each picked in our class sweepstake.


Maths Day in 1LW

Today was all about maths. We have solved problems, reasoned and carried out a variety of activities in the hall. We had lots of fun. We even created pieces of artwork in the style of Klee using shapes.



The Royal Wedding

This afternoon we had lots of fun celebrating the Royal wedding. The drumming and dancing was amazing.


Imagine that!

We had such a fun day today at Imagaine that in Liverpool. The children were so well behaved and we have all had a lovely day.