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We have arranged a Careers day in school for Year 5 and 6 on Monday 25th June.  During the day we are hoping to give out as much information to the children regarding the many careers and skill based learning which will be available to them in the future.  We will have manned tables and stalls set up with career choices in the hall during the day for children to visit.

We would like to show the children as many job choices open to them as possible and to do this we need help from parents/grandparents/aunties and uncles who have a wealth of experience in their chosen field.    If you are available to come along for even just an hour on this day to man a stall where children can speak to you about your job we would be very grateful.  We need people from various careers: retail, engineering, electrician, catering and hospitality, hairdressing, beauty, tourism, nurse, flight attendants, recycling and waste, joiners, accountants, solicitors, fire service, police, vet etc.  The best way to understand what is involved in a job is to hear straight from the person who is currently or has had a career in that particular area. Please help if you can, for further information or offer of support please contact the school office on 01744 678710

Thank you