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Computer Science in 3JW

As part of our new unit of work 'we are opinion pollsters', we used Nearpod software to complete a survey, answering different types of questions, including drop-down answers, multiple choice, written answers and drawing our answers . Our favourite question was where we had to draw our favourite food.



Spanish Day 3 JW

The children really enjoyed the range of activities available to them on our Culture Day on Friday, with the country focus being Spain.



Flamenco dancing with our visitors was fantastic and learning colours and numbers in Spanish with Mrs Degranges was brilliant too (there were some really good Spanish accents).



Using the website 'Oddizzi', along with atlases, helped us to locate Spain on a map of Europe and also to name some Spanish cities, including the capital city. It was a fantastic end to a very busy half term!




Cross-Curricular Computer Science/Maths in 3JW.

Today we linked our shape topic in maths with 'we are bug fixers' in computer science, when Mr McFarlane challenged us to fix bugs for drawing shapes using Scratch software.


Several children were so good at fixing the bugs that they were able to 'teach' others how to do it. They came to the the front of the computer science lab and explained how to use the number of sides that the shape had, and the angles they needed to program the sprite to draw the shapes accurately.