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Goodbye Reception

Today is our last day in Reception. We are all a little bit sad to be leaving but excited to be going to Year 1. We have said Goodbye to Teegan and wish her well in her new school. We will also be saying Goodbye to Mrs McDonald and Mrs Bennett who are staying in Reception. We have had a lovely year. Thank you to all the children and parents for the lovely end of year gifts. See you all in September!


Sports Day

Yesterday was Sports Day! We finally got to run all our races and have fun on the field. It was very hot but all the children managed to keep cool and were extremely well behaved. I was very proud of their good behaviour. Well done to all the children who won their races, well done to green team for winning and well done to everyone for taking part so well.





Royal Wedding lunch

Today we have been celebrating the Royal Wedding. We had lunch outside and watched our own school version of the wedding. Then we had some dancing with some African Drummers and Singers. It was a really fun day.






Parent Workshop

Last week we had our Summer Parent Workshop. Thank you to all the parents and other grown ups who came to work with your children. We had a lot of fun making sun catchers, ice lollies and packing for our holidays.




Reading Trophy

Today we won the Reading Trophy! Hooray! Well done to all the children who have got a reading token for reading three times this week. Some children have even got two tokens.