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Jesus is the light of the world

We talked about what Jesus meant when he said he was the light if the world. We thought he meant his teachings of kindness should be spread around the world.

We tried an activity where one of us was in darkness and our partner was the 'light' who helped us to do the right thing – we were able to complete jigsaws of our own class just by following instructions!


Minibeast hunt

We looked in the school garden to find as many invertebrates as we could.

Then we used classification diagrams to identify them.

Ask us what these words mean: antennae, abdomen, prolegs, proboscis, mandible, segments, hindwing.



We had great fun playing number bingo today!



Role play in year 3

We have been thinking about what makes a good friend.

We acted out some different situations and decided what would be the best way to act if we wanted to be good friends.