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Ready for Year One!

We've had a lovely last week in Reception and have enjoyed visiting our new Year One room!

We hope that all of the children have a fabulous, funfilled summer holiday and we look forward to seeing everybody again when they return as Year One children!


Maths Day

We had lots of fun practising lots of different maths skills for Maths Day!

The children practised finding number bonds to 10, doubling, subtracting, adding, making patterns, telling the time and lots of different number and counting tasks outdoors!


Royal Wedding Celebrations!

This week we have learned all about the Royal Family and who is getting and married and where.

Today we have been celebrating the Royal Wedding!







Gingerbread Men!

We have had lots of fun making Gingerbread men this week! We measured out the ingredients and followed the instructions to make the dough and then each cut and decorated our own! Don't they look fab!?