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If your child is in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, next Thursday, 17th January they will have the opportunity to have a hot lunch of Burger, chips and ice cream on our school lunch promotion day.  If your child is currently having packed lunches they do not need to bring their lunch with them on this day, unless you specifically do not want them to have a school dinner or he/she has allergies to the above menu.

If your child would then like to change to hot lunches, please complete a form at the school office.


We have received a number of complaints already regarding traffic around school and the safety of pedestrians.  Unfortunately we had reports of a near miss this morning when a car mounted the pavement and came very close to hitting a pedestrian.  This has been reported to the police.  If you drive to school please think about your speed when approaching the surrounding area.  The children would be very grateful if you could park away from school, so they can feel safe and see clearly when walking along the pavement and crossing the roads.

We would also ask if once parents have dropped off/collected children from school, that they move well away from the gates and other exits to avoid congestion.  As you can appreciate there is a large amount of people coming in and out of school at particular times and limited space to access.

Thank you very much for you support.

Extra Curricular Clubs – new clubs starting January 2019

Extra curricular clubs start next week, please see below for confirmation of dates and times of clubs.  If your child has applied for one of the clubs below a confirmation text and slip will have been sent home this week.  Please see below for payment details, Craft, Sewing and Gymnastics must be paid in advance by Friday 11th January.







Year group






Start date

Monday Craft Club Y2, 3 & Y4 £20 payment by 11th Jan 10 14th Jan
Monday Miss Lucy Dance Y2 – Y6 £30 or £5.50 first session and £3 each week 10 14th Jan
Tuesday PE Academy

Rec, y1, y2

Rec – Y2 £32.50 or£5.50 first session and £3 each week 10 15thJan
Wednesday Sewing Y2 – Y6 £25 payment by 11th Jan 10 16th Jan
Wednesday Craft Y5 & Y6 £20 payment by 11th Jan 10 16th Jan
Wednesday PE Academy Y3 – Y6 Football Y3 – Y6 £32.50 or  £5.50 first session and £3 each week   16th Jan
Friday Beth Tweddle Academy Gymnastic club Y1 & Y2 £30 payment by 11th Jan 10 sessions & 1 showcase to parent in wk 11 18th Jan


Letters have been sent home this week to parents of children with attendance below 95%.  We are obliged to inform those parents on behalf of the Education Welfare Service, after they have monitored attendance records in school.   If you receive one of these letters please read the letter fully as the letter will explain what PA (Persistant Absentee)  status means.

Thank you