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After school, on Monday 16th September 2019 you are welcome to come into school to meet your child’s new teacher and have a look around their new classroom.  Once all the children have been collected from the playground please make your way to your child’s classroom.  Please note this is a very informal meeting and not an opportunity to discuss your child individually.  We will be holding Parent’s evening in October when you will be able to discuss how your child is settling in and the  progress they are making.  If you feel the teacher should be aware of anything before Parent’s evening please contact the school office to make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher.



All the clubs are now full and will start next week.  If you have signed up via the Edulink APP your child WILL have a place as once the club was full it would not allow you to enter your child’s details.  The email address you supplied will have received confirmation details of the form you completed.  If you can not find this email please check your spam folder.   If you have applied for a club by completing a paper copy you will have received a successful or unsuccessful form yesterday.

We will send a notification out when you will be able to apply for further clubs next term. To receive notifications please ensure you have joined EDULINK.


We have a number of children in school with severe strawberry and nut allergies. It is extremely important that you do not send any snack or packed lunches in to school with these items in.  We do not have any strawberry flavoured or nut flavoured food prepared in school as we have a child with an airborne allergy to strawberries.  TO CONFIRM PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY STRAWBERRIES, STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED OR NUT/NUT FLAVOURED PRODUCTS.



From Monday we should have some more water bottles available for sale at the school office priced at £2. Children can bring their own water bottle or purchase one from school.  For hygiene reasons water bottles should be brought to school each morning but MUST be taken home each evening to be cleaned and refilled.  If your child forgets to bring their water bottles with them one day, children can get a cup of water in class if they need a drink. Please do not drop the bottle off at the school office.


Every child took 2 copies of the letter home this week regarding the Governor Ballot. Please read the personal statements from each candidate and send in your vote to school by 4pm on Thursday 26th September in a sealed envelope or alternatively place directly in the Ballot box at the school office.