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Chinese New Year in RRB


We have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year in RRB. Some of the children enjoyed dressing up in tradional Chinese dresses which were given as a gift to Mrs Bramwell a couple of years ago. They have come all the way from China.



We enjoyed tasting a selection of Chinese food and we have learned lots of interesting things. Did you know that red is worn because it is considered to be a lucky colour, along with the numbers 8 and 9?

The children also made some dragon masks and a wonderful Chinese dragon. We also had the opportunity to use some chopsticks in our role play and we even had our very own Chinese dragon.


A great day was had by everyone. I wonder what we will be learning about next half term…


Tell me a story in Reception

Reading for Pleasure

Did you know that it is storytelling week? There is something very special about being told a story and storytelling can be a very powerful tool in encouraging young children to read. We invited Mrs.Jones to Reception to share a story with us.

Mrs Jones chose, Jack and the Flum Flum tree and we all enjoyed listening to it. It is written by Julia Donaldson who also wrote, The Gruffalo, Stick Man and The Highway Rat.

Perhaps you can look out for this book at our local Thatto Heath Library or any other books by Julia Donaldson. You can always bring in your favourite book for us to share at storytime. I will look forward to reading them to you.


We love maths in RRB


This week, we have been learning about addition. The children have been learning about the + and = symbols and understand that when we add two groups of objects together, we must count them all to find the total.

We are now recording our own number sentences too. I wonder what we will be learning in maths next week.



RRB Parent Workshop

Class Blogs

Firstly, a big thank you to all those parents and grandparents who attended our Parent Workshop today. It was good to see so many of you.

It was wonderful to see such a good turn out and we hope you enjoyed the range of activities on offer.




All the activities were linked to Winter and reflect the skills the children learn in our Reception classes. It was lovely to see parents and grandparents working together and having fun. I know the children really enjoyed it and I hope the grown ups did too.




One more and one less in RRB


This week, we have been learning about one more and one less in maths.

We have enjoyed learning different ways to help us remember one more and one less.


We like maths in RRB. I wonder what we will learn next week.