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Book Week


During Book Week, some of our class were chosen to publish a letter to Anthony Horowitz, an author whose books we have been reading.

We received some very exciting mail this week; he replied to our letters!




Science experiment about digestion


In 4PW, we completed an experiment to represent the human digestive system using orange juice, bananas, biscuits and a pair of ladies tights!

The children really enjoyed a hands on approach to learn how food is digested and the functions of each organ involved. Plus we got to make some poo!!


Book Week in 4PW


We have enjoyed exploring the text Hansel & Gretel this week. The children made their own 'gingerbread house' and wrote a descriptive piece of writing about the children smelling their edible dwellings!

Mrs Williams read a short story from Wind in the Willows which the children were captivated by. The illustrations really captured the imaginations.

The Wicked Witch explained how she was the victim of the story and she never wanted to harm the children. Her house was amazing.


Coastal Erosion using modelling clay


During our Geography topics, 'Mountains and Coasts' we have been learning about the process of Coastal Erosion. In English, we are planning to write an explanation about how cliffs and rocks around the world are being destroyed by the waves.


We used modelling clay to represent the main stages of a cave, an arch and finally a stack.


Performance Poetry in 4PW


We have been looking at writing our own metaphor poems about the sea. We began by reading ‘The Sea’ by James Reeves. We studied his use of metaphoric language and how it brings the description out in the poem.


The children planned their own poem and enjoyed performing them for the class. Well done to everyone for being brave enough to perform for the class.