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Tobacco Awareness


We had a visit today from two ladies from City Health Care Partnership, talking to us about the dangers and problems with smoking. Some of the resources included a model of a smokers mouth and a years worth of tar! Disgusting!!


Visit to Chester Zoo


On Tuesday we enjoyed our visit to Chester Zoo. We explored different plants and animals of the rainforest linked to this half terms topic.

The children also enjoyed the 'Enchantment' activity were they collected special potion to save the zoo!


History Week Dressing Up Day in 4PW


We have enjoyed learning about St.Helens and its wonderful history. We have painted industrial town scenes based on the work of LS Lowry and studied changes in leisure from 1950 to 2017.

Many amazing costumes have appeared today. You all look splendid dressed as people from 1920s to celebrating Saints teams of the past.