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Year 3 trip to Manchester airport!

Year 3 have had an absolutely brilliant day visiting Manchester airport! We went into Terminal 2 to see the luggage areas, arrivals and departure lounges, we got to sit in a cockpit (sorry, flight deck!), watched planes (including the GIANT airbus A380) take off and land AND got up close and personal with a Concorde!!! It was such good fun!!









Greek bread in 3LM

Today we have been baking Greek pitta bread as part of our study of the Mediterranean. They tasted so good and fresh




Mediterranean food tasting in 3LM

We had a lovely morning in 3LM tasting food from the Mediterranean, we tried olives, feta, pitta bread, wild garlic and honey. We also listened to traditional Greek music played with a zephyr. Some of us loved the food, some not so much so.The garlic was very divisive!


World Cup in 3LM

In 3LM we have been using atlases to find and locate each of the teams involved the World Cup. Some of the smaller European countries were really tricky to find!




Maths day in 3LM

We have had lots of fun during Maths Day in 3LM. There was lots of activities and problems for us to try and solve! It really helped us to develop our skills and and it didn't feel like we were learning because of all the games!