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Acting out our play scripts


We read a play called 'The Elephant in the Room' and then wrote our own additional scene. Today, we acted out our scripts to test the stage directions and we then evaluated our peformances.



Mayan Stelae


In our art lesson this week, we created Mayan stelae using clay. This linked in with our history topic about The Mayans.



Water and sweets

Science Showcase

One of our Year 5 pupils has been very busy at home this week, completing a range of Science investigation! Well done and thank you for sharing your findings with us!

“When M&Ms are placed in water, the outer shell made from sugar dissolves. The sugar moves from a place of high concentration (the M&M) to a place of low concentration (the water).”


“Like a volcano!”

Science Showcase

One of our Year 1 pupils completed the mentos and coke experiment. He made a tube to hold the mentos in and, with the help of his uncle, he made a slice in the tube for a butter knife to go through to stop the mento's going in the coke too soon.

“We took the bottle outside and took the lid off. He put his tube of mento's on top and stepped back and pulled the butter knife out. The mento's fell into the bottle of coke and reacted together causing the bottle to fizz up and out 'like a volcano'”.



Creating rainbows

Science Showcase

One of our Reception pupils had lots of fun at home working with sweets! As well as carrying out her own investigation, she also extended her vocabulary by learning the names of the different colours.

“It's like a rainbow in the sky!” I completely agree and what a lovely pattern the colours make!