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Finding synonyms for adjectives

We watched the video about Scarlett, a young girl who had to have her leg amputated in order to save her life. We discussed how she and her family would have felt at different points during her story. We then used the online thesaurus to find synonyms for these feelings. Some of us looked at which words were more powerful than others and what effect they would create.


Whole Class Reading – Cogheart

Today we looked at the new text for our whole class reading unit. We made predictions purely based on the front cover. You would never believe how much information you can infer from a number of images.



Negative numbers

We used counters to prove the answer to different calculations involving negative numbers. We were able to use these diagrams to help us understand why. Ask us to explain what the answer to this calculation is and why.



Building circuits in Year 6

Our science topic this half term is all about electricity. Year 6 had to use a range of equipment to build different circuits. Some circuits we built had to make the bulb brighter, dimmer or able to turn on and off. We looked at the voltages of cells and the difference between a cell and a battery. Ask us and we will explain the difference to you.


Year 6 Party Day

Year 6 had a fantastic Christmas party today. We enjoyed our party snacks and played lots of games in the hall. There were some fantastic dancers who volunteered to take part in our dance off. Well done to the winners.



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