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Maths ambassadors 22nd Jan

Maths ambassadors took charge of their first teaching session today. They decided on their own teaching methods to teach 100 or 10 more/ less than a number. They did a great job deepening place value understanding. Well done to year 3's also. The perfect students.




Year 6 continued their work on algebra this week and used concrete resources and visuals to help them deepen their understanding. Today they found possibilities to satisfy equations.



Swimming Gala

Today, we competed against schools from across St Helens at a swimming gala held at Edge Hill University.

We had a fantastic morning and competed in a range of individual events including: front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

We then competed in teams of 4 in two medley events.

Everyone who competed should be very proud!

Year 6 Party Day

Year 6 had a fantastic Christmas party today. We enjoyed our party snacks and played lots of games in the hall. There were some fantastic dancers who volunteered to take part in our dance off. Well done to the winners.



Book World Cup

6KOB completed their book World Cup morning to choose their next class reader for the Spring term.



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