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Good Vibrations

Today we discovered that vibrations can be seen as well as heard(as sounds) or felt.

If you put rice on a drum, when you hit it you see the skin vibrate and the rice jumps.

In this example, we hit a tuning fork on a table leg then quickly put it in a bowl of water. The vibrations made ripples in the water and sprayed it across the table.


Food’s Amazing Journey

Today was rather yucky, Mrs. Rampton demonstrated the journey food goes on through our digestive system. We used bananas, crackers and orange juice. A plastic bag represented our stomach. Some tights represented our intestines and a cup with a hole was to be the rectum and anus. I



Tooth Decay Investigation

Today we looked at our results.






We concluded that the drinks that contain the most acid did the most damage to your teeth.







Heating and Cooling

Over the last couple of weeks we have considered heating and cooling in a variety of ways.

The water cycle is an example of the the water being evaporated by heat from the sun, cooling and condensating in the form of rain, hail or snow.

We enjoyed heating chocolate (solid) and melting it until it had the pouring properties of a liquid. We then witnessed that if you cool it down again it will become solid again.

In addition to this, we tested the melting rates of three solids wax, butter and chocolate button. We found we didn't have water hot enough to melt the wax.



The children worked hard in PE today to learn new passing and receiving skills. Well done everybody.







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