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The children worked hard in PE today to learn new passing and receiving skills. Well done everybody.







State of Matter

This half term we are studying states of matter. This week we discussed the particle formation of solids, liquids and gases.

We took our discussion further by investigating if objects can behave like more than one state at a time.

We discovered that small solids such as powders behave like liquids because they can be poured and take the shape of their contained. Yet at the same time they behave like solids because they so not spread out.


Classification Keys

Today we explored how to use keys to identify objects. First we sorted children in the class. Then we sorted some chocolates. Finally, we were given some animals to sort.




Today we have been learning about invertabrates. We enjoyed going out into our school garden to carry out an invertebrate hunt.



Living things in 4VM

Our topic in Autumn 2 is living things and their habitats.

Last week we looked at sorting living and non-living objects.

Plants are living!

This week we sorted vertebrates (living things with back bones) into 5 groups.


Check out the following videos for more information.

Lots more information about living things can be found here:-


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