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Locating Rainforests

Today we have been using atlases to locate rainforests around the world. We noticed how many of them are around the equator and we discussed why that is. Well done everyone! Excellent geography work!


I Was There….1066 in 4JH

Well done 4JH on producing fabulous work for our history topic on The Normans! Both in class work and in your half term project homework, you have demonstrated how much you have enjoyed the topic and our display is complete.


Living things

We are going to study living things this term in science.

Today we decided how to sort items using a key.


Rainforest Adventure at Chester Zoo!

Today year 4 visited Chester Zoo and had a fabulous rainforest experience! We learned about why rainforests are so important, not just to animals who live in them, but also to us too. We discussed deforestation and what impact it has and how we can make good choices about things we buy in order to protect the rainforest. Afterwards we paid a visit to lots of the animals in the zoo, in particular those whose habitat is the rainforest. We finished the day with a brilliant boat ride! Well done to our fabulous children who demonstrated lovely manners to other visitors in the zoo and behaved superbly all day.


Bayeux Tapestry Art

This half term we have been learning about the Battle of Hastings and in our art lessons we looked at the Bayuex tapestry. We discussed how it tells the events of the battle and why it is important to our understanding of the past. We then produced art work which represents a key event in our own lives and then reproduced it on to fabric. We think the results are fabulous!


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