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Bayeux Tapestry Art

This half term we have been learning about the Battle of Hastings and in our art lessons we looked at the Bayuex tapestry. We discussed how it tells the events of the battle and why it is important to our understanding of the past. We then produced art work which represents a key event in our own lives and then reproduced it on to fabric. We think the results are fabulous!


Conductor or insulator?

After looking at and making electrical circuits this term, today we tested classroom objects to see if they allowed electricity to pass through.


Ask us to explain what an electrical insulator or a conductor is?

We can give you lots of examples of each!


Y4 Art Day-Banksy

Today we learned about the street artist Banksy. We discussed some of his work and the messages he was trying to communicate through the images he created. We then experimented with his style using stencils to produce art work linked to our history topic about The battle of Hastings. I think our finished pieces are fabulous! Take a look!






Welcome to 4JH

What a brilliant start to the year 4JH have made! I am so impressed with the lovely manners being demonstrated and the amount of effort being applied to our work.

Here we are discussing qualities which we think are the most important to be a global citizen in our global learning lesson.


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