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Food chains

We learnt all about food chains and constructed our own.

Ask us what these words mean: predator, consumer, primary consumer, prey, producer, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, secondary consumer.


What does a food chain ALWAYS start with?..


Roman Catapults

Today we made our fabulous catapults! As part of our learning about the Romans, we found out about their weapons and then decided to try and design and replicate a catapult of our own. Take a look at our designs and our finished products!




Persuasive Performances

As part of our English work on persuasion, we watched a range of persuasive speeches and discussed which ones were the most effective. We then annoated pre-written speeches to help us decide how they should be delivered. After rehearsing, we then performed the speeches to each other and assessed them against the key features we discussed. Come back later in the half term to watch us perform persuasive speeches we have written ourselves!




Book Week

We have loved celebrating book week in school and studying Hansel and Gretel! Here are some of the activities we have taken part in:

We met the witch at her house to ask her some questions

We created a fact file from non-fiction texts

We wrote letters to our favourite authors and completed data handling tasks linked to Hansel and Gretel.


We made sweet collages to decorate the witch's house.

We read stories to our buddy class 1LM



Building and programming toys

Today in computer science, we followed a set of instructions to build a lego crocodile toy. We then programmed it using an algorithm to open and close its mouth. It was lots of fun! Next week we will be writing more complex algorithms for it to complete.



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