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Cross Curricular Maths/P.E.

Yesterday in maths we started to learn about right angles in 2D shapes. The children really enjoyed finding right angles with their right angle check. Later on in P.E. they were asked to find right angles on the playground, to stand in shapes that had 4 right angles and also shapes that had no right angles. They identified that a circle had no right angles.


Finding right angles in 2D shapes

In maths we made a right angle checker and used it to check for right angles in 2D shapes. We found out that some triangles don't have any right angles but some do – this is called a right angle triangle.










Enjoying Science experiments in 3 JW

Our science ambassador carried out an experiment in our science lesson this week. She was able to talk us through the method for the experiment and answered questions about results etc. We really enjoyed it.








DT -Stone Age Houses

For last half term's DT topic, we researched round houses, designed our own round houses and then made them. We really enjoyed looking at how early settlers lived.





‘Scratch’ in Computer Science

This half term, we are creating an animation using 'scratch' software to create a sprite which we then put on a stage and make it move. We are really enjoying writing code.





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