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Year 3 World Cup tournament

Today, year 3 had their World Cup tournament out on the school field. The children were split into teams and each team represented a country.

Great sportsmanship was shown by everyone and all of the children played brilliantly!
The winning country at the end of the final, was Sweden.


Investigating Friction

As part of our science topic we looked at friction in today's lesson. We learned that it is a force that acts in opposition to movement. So we decided to investigate friction by asking the question, 'Which surface type will create the most friction?' And test our predictions using a toy car, a ramp and 4 different surface types.

We measured the height of the ramp as the car began to move.




‘No pens’ maths in 3JW

Who needs pens when you can use paint to complete a data handling activity. We really enjoyed using the information off a tally/frequency chart to create our own chart with paint. We could even answer the questions with paint. It was great!





Volcanoes and plate tectonics

Whilst learning about volcanoes in year 3, we talked about plate tectonics and magma and the impact of living near a volcano. We rubbed our hands together to show how the plates work – they got very warm!!!





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