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Children in need

Thank you children and parents for supporting Children in need today.

We had lots of fun!


Role play in year 3

We have been thinking about what makes a good friend.

We acted out some different situations and decided what would be the best way to act if we wanted to be good friends.



Soil investigation

As part of our science topic we conducted an experiment to find out which type of soil would allow water to pass through the quickest in order to help Mrs Greenfingers with her garden.

We investigated sandy soil, clay and loam soil.


We looked closely at each type of soil before we made our predictions.
We made sure our test was a fair one.

We took measurements every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. Our results showed us that loam soil allowed the water to pass through quickest.


Cave art in year 3

As it is history week in school, we tried some cave paintings, in preparation for our history topic next term: The Stone Age.



We learned lots of techniques for mindfulness this afternoon.

We can use them at school or at home. As k us to tell you how to do some of them!


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