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As we close for the summer holiday I would like to thank all of our children, staff and parents for all their hard work and support they have done this year.  As we say goodbye to the Year 6 children I would like to thank them for their two wonderful assemblies which I am sure left lots of parents/carers with tears in their eyes.  Our Year 6 children leave us well prepared for their next adventure at their chosen high school.  Please encourage them to keep in touch as we love to hear how they are getting on.

2017/18 has been a great year for our school.  We have seen an increase in our end of KS1 assessment data.  A highlight of which is mathematics as we are now above the national average.  Our end of KS2 SATs data is outstanding.  Our children out performed the national averages in all subjects. Our combined reading, writing and maths score was 15% above the national average, putting us into the top 20% of schools nationally. Please see the attached End of Year Provision Data.

Tests are only a small part of our lives here in school.  Our Reception children have grown in confidence over the year which was evident in the lovely Record of Achievement performance.  Our Preschool children our certainly ready for their big school adventure and I am sure they are very excited to join Reception.

Thank you to all the children who have represented school in sporting events this year, we are pleased to announce we have now achieved a SILVER SCHOOL GAMES AWARD.  We have also now been recognised for our outstanding curriculum and received the following awards: SCIENCE MARK GOLD, R.E. MARK SILVER and a RE-ACCREDITATION of OUR CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR INCLUSION.

Also, the following awards have been submitted: History Mark Gold, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Mark Gold.  The outcomes of these assessments will take place early in the Autumn.7845

We have got lots of exciting things planned for 2018/19.  Following feedback from parents we will be increasing opportunities for EYFS parents to come into school each week to have a look at their child’s learning in action.  A ‘Family Friday’ each week for Nursery and Preschool allows parents to come in for 15 minutes before the end of the session to take part in activities.  In Reception ‘Learning Together Thursday’ will allow parents to come in to school 15 minutes earlier to visit their child’s classroom, share a story, complete a craft activity or just to have a play.  We will also be continuing with our Early Years visits to a local care home and we will be building in more intergenerational projects.

A big thank you goes to our Mini police Officers, we were the first school in St Helens to have been selected for this scheme.  Our new recruits this year are:

Matthew Robinson, Zac Ingham, James Spencer, Thomas Haslam, James Brookfield, Madison Renshall, Milly May Tunstall, Hannah Robinson, Grace Campbell, Amelia Tomlinson Reed and Mia Hurst.

Congratulations to you all!

An added thank you goes to those children who had additional responsibilities in school this year.  You should be very proud of yourselves you did a great job!

Have a lovely summer holiday, keep safe and well.  I look forward to seeing you all ready for a new academic year on Wednesday, 5th September 2018.

In September we will be sending home a full list of themed weeks, non uniform days, parent workshops etc.  but for now please find a list of non-uniform/dress up days.

Term Date Theme  
Autumn 2 Friday 16th November Children in Need Day (Charity Day)

Dress up. Own clothes or the official theme.

Autumn 2 Friday 23rd November Own clothes day(Bring a gift for the Christmas Fayre which will take place on Thursday 29th November)
Autumn 2 Friday 14th December Christmas Jumper Day (Charity Day)

Christmas jumper, Christmas dress or own clothes with a Christmas hat.

Spring 2 Thursday 7th March World Book Day – Dress up as any book character.
Spring 2 Friday 15th  March Comic Relief (Charity Day)

Dress up own clothes or national themed.

Spring 2 Friday 5th April Easter Bonnet Parade or Easter Diorama – optional
Summer 1 Thursday 23rd May – Gala Day Pirate themed dress up

(Bring a gift for the summer gala on Friday 17th May)

Due to parental requests to reduce non-uniform days, there will not be any non-uniform days on the saints’ days during the 2018-2019 academic year.

End of Year Provisional Data

2017- 2018

End of the Early Years Foundation Stage

% Children Expected Reception 2018 National Data
School – Good level of development 53 TBC

 Year 1 Phonic Screening

  School National  Data
2018 70% TBC

End of Key Stage 1 (Y2)

  School Expected + National Data School Greater Depth National Da5ta
Writing 68% 68% 15% 16%
Reading 74% 76% 19% 25%
Mathematics 79% 75% 22% 21%
WR,RE,MA combined 67.1% 64.9% Top 50% of schools nationally

 End of Key Stage 2 (Y6)


Expected standard +

National data School Higher standard over 110 National Higher standard
Writing (TA) 80%


78% 11% 20%
Reading 82% 75% 31% 28%
Mathematics 85% 76% 25% 23%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 83%


78% 46% TBC
Writing, Reading and Maths combined 79%


64% 7.7% 9.7%


  Percentile Ranking
Writing (TA) Top 50% of schools nationally
Reading Top 40% of schools nationally
Mathematics Top 30% of schools nationally
Writing, Reading and Maths combined Top 20% of schools nationally

Average scaled scores

  School Data


National Data


Reading 105.8 105
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 109 106
Mathematics 107 104

Progress Measures: KS1 to KS2    ( a score of 0 is average)

  School Data


Reading + 2.8 Above national
Writing + 1.4 average
Mathematics + 3.8 Above national